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Five Rivers Community Council Cultural Caravan

Five Rivers Community Cultural Caravan was established in 1997 by Ms Deborah Mc Burnie and Stalwart merlin Ramsey. 
The current executive are 

  • President - Cynthia Naton 

  • Vice President - Arkiebah Peters-Alexander 

  • Secretary - Deborah Mc Burnie 

  • Michelle Maynard

  • Heather Reece

  • Shirley-Ann Alexander

  • Akiela Alexander

  • Lorna Dean

  • Lyndon Maynard 

Junior Member before performance at Five Rivers Crescent.jpg
Member in dance clothes belu.jpg

Our achievements at the Best Village Trophy Competitions over the years include 

  • Theatre 2004 and 2013 

  • Best poem - 1st Place on three occasions 

  • Best menu - 1st place on six occasions 

  • Short stories - 1st place 

  • Carnival Character Dance - 1st place 

  • Belu Dance - 2nd place

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