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Dlance Forever

Michelle Allison Pilgrim came from a family of teachers. Her mother was very influential in her life. Michelle observed the pride, dedication and detailed planning her mother used when she prepared lessons, designed charts and other teaching aids thus developing creative methods for teaching children. These qualities remain with Michelle.

​Living with four boys and their friends in the eighties when break-dancing was the craze, Michelle learned some moves. She showed great interest in dance so her mother took her to Mr. Eric Butler’s Dance classes where she developed her dancing skills. Michelle often performed at many community events in her home   town San Fernando and beyond.

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Her parents encouraged their daughter’s dream of having her own dance class by   allowing her to conduct dance sessions downstairs of their home in Coconut Drive, San Fernando.

​Mrs. Ruby Ifill (deceased) afforded her the opportunity to grow and enrich the lives of pupils San Fernando girl’s Anglican School by having her teach dance to all levels at the school.

​To enhance her skills and knowledge of her craft, Michelle enrolled in the Humanities Programme at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad. Here she acquired a Certificate in Dance and Dance Education.  Her pupils  benefitted by being exposed to pre-ballet, contemporary, modern, African and folk dances for four (4) days of the school week. On Wednesdays she taught modern dance at the Penal Convent.

​Dancers require nutritional food as part of a balanced diet in order to build healthy bones, strong muscles and to have abundant energy to perform at their best. Michelle is able to instruct and guide her charges to good nutritional diets having also obtained a certificate in Culinary Arts at The Southern Academy of SDA.

 Most recently, Michelle graduated from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad having attained her Bachelors of Arts in Dance. With Michelle’s determination and dedication Dance Forever is no longer housed downstairs her parent’s home but can be visited/found at 25 Cypress   Avenue, Coconut Drive, San Fernando. Here Michelle along with other staff are doing their best to enrich the lives of would be dancers, the community of Coconut Drive, San Fernando and by extension Trinidad and  Tobago.

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Locally Michelle is the National Best Female Dancer at San Fest 1993 and 1995 Competitions, Best Hairstyle and make-up and Miss Amity at La Teine Rive Competition 1999.

​Michelle was already an experienced international performer, having performed at the Big Eastern State Fare in Springfield, Massachusetts in 2001 and 2002. Disney’s Discovery Cove Orlando, Florida in 2003. While teaching at the school Michelle entered Miss Trinidad and Tobago Talent Queen Show hosted by Jacqui Koon How. As the winner Miss Trinidad Tobago Talent 2003. Miss Pilgrim represented Trinidad and Tobago  regionally is St. Maarten, where she was the First Runner-up and Best Talent at the Miss P.J.D.2 Caribbean Queen Competition 2004. She was also awarded Best Talent, Best Physique and Miss Sacha Face International.

​Dance Forever was born in 1999, Michelle’s experiences between 1993 to 1999 fueled her passion to teach younger children. The principal of San Fernando Girls Anglican Primary School offered her the opportunity to have her classes in the schools dance room on a Saturday. Michelle Pilgrim Dance Forever Contemporary Theatre Company (M.P.D.F.C.T.C) first performance on Harris Promenade in the city of San Fernando to launch Carnival celebrations, performing to the song Carnival by Machel Montano. Michelle then worked for a number of years gaining experience with choregraphy entering schools in San Fest competitions and many charitable events.

​On completing her Certificate of Dance and Dance Education, Michelle decided to follow her dance dreams in New York City, leaving her students in the care of Ms. Urslin Williams. While checking out schools in the New York area, Michelle was called to participate in the Caribbean Heat Act at the Universal Circus. Michelle worked and performed in the United States from 2005 to 2014. Returning to Trinidad Michelle enrolled in the University of the West Indies to pursue a BA in dance.

Michelle Pilgrim Dance Forever Contemporary Dance Company was officially registered in 2009 on a visit home to Trinidad and Tobago. With even more experience Michelle was ready to manage Dance Forever as she purchased items to follow her dream of owning and running her own studio. Dance Forever’s new journey started at Gulf View Health and Fitness Center, a second branch on Cipero Street and currently at Cypress Avenue, Coconut Drive, San Fernando. In 2009, Dance Forever’s first show “All I missed before Christmas” was at city hall San Fernando.


Now known as Mrs Michelle Pilgrim Joseph enjoying her new journey as wife and mother, Michelle is still a dedicated member of the North West Laventille Cultural Movement of which she has been a member for the past Thirteen years

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