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Belmont Freetown Cultural Arts & Folk Performing Company

Belmont Freetown Cultural Arts and Folk Performing Company has been in existence for the past 23 years. This is a huge accomplishment for this non-profit organization. WE specialize in five main disciplines: Dance, Song, Drama, African Drumming and Handicraft. 


The Organization consists mainly of young adults as our main objective is to foster youth engagement through cultural and arts around the community. We seek to also educate on the history of origins of our culture and heritage. As an organization, we are geared towards building our member's self-esteem, confidence and encourage togetherness and comradery. We were able to touch and change the lives of over 120 youths since our existence. 


Belmont Freetown Cultural Arts & Folk Performing Company plays an integral role in promoting and hosting cultural shows from Emancipation Shows with street processions to local and international workshops. Some of our work include but not limited to:

  • Church performances

  • Cultural exchanges

  • Mas Band presentations

  • Soca Monarch Competitions

  • Handicraft exhibitions

Our affiliations consist of:


  • CCC

  • Belmont Lions Club

  • St Peter's Baptist Church 

  • St Crispins Anglican Church 

  • Ministry of Sport and Community Development 

  • Brouhaha International Cultural Exchange 

  • Edinburgh Festival Carnival

  • West Can Folk Performing Company


We are proud to announce that we have been blessed with travelling internationally for the past 15 years. This has allowed us the opportunity to be cultural ambassadors and flying the flag of Trinidad and Tobago high as we participate in a host of cultural exchanges. Some of the countries visited for these cultural exchanges were United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Scotland. 


We are currently in preparation of our 2022 Cultural Exchange in Scotland where we will be sending three of our most talented local acts to represent. Our involvement in culture and its promotion has been unwavering and we are thankful for all the opportunities we have been blessed with thus far. 

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