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Our Story

Trinidad & Tobago Best Village Association

The Trinidad and Tobago Best Village Association ( TTBVA ) is an incorporated bottom-up NGO, certified under the Companies Act of 1995 on June 24, 2019. The TTBVA, because of its entrenched fifty-eight year old relationship with the Prime Minister's Best Village Trophy Competition, has been able to attract a culturally diverse membership of persons that span every county and district of Trinidad and Tobago. Our core concerns are Cultural Heritage Preservation and Community Development - two areas of focus which link us naturally to other  Socio-Cultural disciplines that automatically extends the TTBVA’S role as a concerned and progressive culturally inclined NGO.


Our Story

Fifty-eight unbroken years of involvement in the Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition, have sedately formed the thinking and outlook which characterizes the type of organisation that the TTBVA  is today, and which is being put to use on behalf of its membership. Taking the lead from our Motto, the TTBVA is committed to service, to filling the gaps within the cultural space which have existed for decades, and which have stymied the growth and development of many creative persons and cultural organisations from reaching their full potential. Hopefully, by our articulations and activism, the TTBVA as a new cultural organisation, is hoping to create the enabling cultural environment from which creatives can find the requisite movement for the benefit of their development.

Our Motto, Mission, and Vision Statement, points to TTBVA’S desire to effectively represent and create opportunities for its diverse membership. 


Being a creative, innovative, and committed association engaged in the promotion, education, and retention of the traditional art forms of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. 


To facilitate an enabling cultural and artistic environment for the benefit and fulfillment of all Communities of Arts. 


Serving Communities of Cultural and Traditional Arts.

Meet The Team

Meet the Team
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